Desktop - Edit Photos

Simply open a photo in the Monument app and select the photo editor to transform, color adjust, or apply filters. Edits are applied over the current photo, but on the hard drive a new file is created so that the original version is never modified. If edits are undone, then the edited file will be deleted from the hard drive.

  1. Open a photo and click on the photo editor icon

  2. Transform lets you rotate, flip, or set an aspect ratio

  3. Filter lets you apply different presets such as Vintage or B&W

  4. Adjust lets you change different image settings such as brightness and contrast

  5. After changes are made, you can click the back or forward arrows for undo/redo

  6. Finally, click Save

  7. To revert changes, click on the ellipsis and select Revert to Original

  8. There will be a final warning message

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