Who and what is Monument?


Monument was born from the frustration of trying to organize our photography mess. Our memories that we created over the years were spread out across so many smartphones, laptops, SD cards, and hard drives that we were ultimately spending more time sorting them than actually making new ones.

Which is why we had to think long and hard!


We wanted to streamline the entire process that took place after clicking the shutter. This stretched from backing up content as well as organizing it using face recognition, scene recognition, album sharing, tagging, and more. We also decided to prioritize having no monthly costs while defending user privacy. With Monument, nobody would have access to your content other than you.  

And with that mission in mind, Monument's campaign became a wild success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2016! After a 42 day campaign and over 5,000 backers, our team was gung-ho on developing a premier photo and video organization platform.


Today, Monument is in over 100 countries and is seeing a rapidly growing global user base. Working out of Chicago, our small team designs and builds a photo management system powered by artificial intelligence. We want to provide photographers with robust organization features and automated sorting to help them end their photo mess.

Monument’s mission is to create an immersive experience between people and their photos. We recognize that photos and videos have the power to build relationships, communicate ideas, and inspire others to capture the world around them.

Meet Us

We're headquartered in the heart of Chicago - come meet us for a local brew and good food!

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