How does Monument work?

Monument is a new and premier photo management platform that automatically backs up and organizes photos and videos straight to your own external hard drives. Unlike cloud services which charge monthly fees and keep your personal content on company servers, Monument has no monthly cost and allows you to keep everything in your own home.

Once your content is backed up, Monument automatically organizes all of your content by date, location, camera type, facial recognition, and scene recognition.

Suggested Video: App Walkthrough

  1. Set up Monument
    • Use the iOS or Android app to set up Monument.
    • During this process, Monument will connect to your home Wi-Fi network and your external USB hard drive.
  2. Connect all devices and add users
    • Up to 5 people can connect to Monument and each person can connect an unlimited number of devices (excludes E model).
    • All users will share the same hard drive space.
    • After setup is complete, Mac & PC apps can be downloaded and installed.

  3. Upload Photos & Videos
    • Photos and videos can be automatically or manually uploaded from iOS or Android devices, Mac and Windows computers, as well as SD Cards and Hard Drives.

  4. Share Photos and Videos
    • After content is uploaded, share your entire photo library or individual albums with other Monument users. Photos and videos can also be shared with other people through email, messaging apps, and social media.

  5. Slide Show Mode
    • Connect Monument to a TV or monitor and use the Slide show feature to display photos on the big screen.

  6. Facial Recognition & Scene Recognition
    • Monument automatically groups together photos and videos using facial recognition and automatically tags photos with keywords based on the scene.

  7. Remote Access
    • To use the Monument app and to access your original content when you're away from home, please turn on Remote Access. This option will let you back up, view, edit, download, and share your photos and videos remotely.

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