What are Monument's features?


Monument is a new and premier photo management platform that automatically backs up and organizes photos and videos straight to your own external hard drives. Unlike cloud services which charge monthly fees and keep your personal content on company servers, Monument has no monthly cost and allows you to keep everything in your own home.

Whether you're on iOS, Android, Mac or PC, transfer photos and videos from all of your devices to Monument over Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, or using Monument's SD card reader. Once your content is backed up, Monument automatically organizes all of your content by date, location, camera type, facial recognition, and scene recognition.

Lastly, up to 5 people can connect to Monument and all of the original content is accessible through the Monument app from anywhere in the world.


  • Automatic or Manual Backup: save your content from smartphones, laptops, external hard drives, SD cards, and cloud services
  • Automatic Organization: your content is sorted by date, time, location, camera type, and tags
  • Facial Recognition: using artificial intelligence, photos of the same people are automatically grouped together
  • Scene Recognition: using artificial intelligence, photos are analyzed and automatically tagged with over 200+ recognized keywords
  • Search Bar: easily find your memories by date/location, holiday, tag, person, or album name
  • Multiple Users: up to 5 users can back up, share photo collections, and create albums together
  • Upgradeable storage: choose any sized hard drive and change it to a larger drive anytime in the future
  • Original Resolution: keep your high resolution content in its original format and size
  • Redundancy: create a backup of your backup by plugging in a second hard drive
  • Free up space on my phone: easily delete photos that have been backed up
  • Remote Access: back up and access your original content from anywhere in the world
  • No Monthly Fee: unlike other cloud services that charge you monthly fees after backing up a certain amount, Monument has no charge as you get to use your own hard drive
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