How does Monument organize my content using Artificial Intelligence?

Facial Recognition

Monument uses it's own facial recognition to automatically analyze and group photos of the same person together. Once photos are grouped, users have the option to assign a name, merge groups of photos, or manually tag people.

Scene Recognition

Monument analyzes your content and automatically tags photos with keywords based on the recognized scene.

  • Recognized scenes: seaside, ski, indoor, urban
  • Upcoming scenes in 2019: list of 200+ keywords that includes airport, bowling, home, and more.


Monument also organizes content by looking at metadata.

  • Date: In the photo gallery, photos are organized into Daily or Monthly/Yearly views.
  • Location: If geolocation is available for photos, everything is displayed on an easy to view world map.
  • Camera Type: Photos are grouped together by the device they are taken with.
  • Tags: All content is able to be tagged with keywords and searched in the app.
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