Upgrading the Primary Drive

If your current  Primary Drive is out of space and you would like to upgrade to a larger hard drive then please follow the steps below. Only the Owner of Monument can complete this procedure.

  1. First make sure your app and firmware versions are up to date
  2. Keep the current Primary Drive connected to Monument

    Note: Follow the article below instead to convert your backup into a primary

    Converting the Backup Drive to Primary Drive

    • If a Backup Drive is currently connected:
    • Go to Settings > Hard Drives > Backup Drive > Click the Settings Icon (top right) > Forget

    • There are a few warning messages, proceed forward
    • Unplug this hard drive from Monument
  3. Connect the new hard drive to the empty USB port

    • There will be an in-app message
    • Select Use as Backup

  4. Go to Settings > Hard Drives > Backup Drive > Click the Settings Icon > Convert to Primary

  5. The first message will explain what will happen - click Convert

  6. The second message will let you know the backup drive will first sync to the primary drive- click Convert

  7. The third message will tell you that this process cannot be undone - click Convert

  8. The backup drive will start converting and there is a percent indicator

  9. A message will appear once it's complete

  10. Then go back to Settings > Hard Drives and you will see your new Primary Drive

  11. Unplug your old Primary Drive from Monument
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