Import From Hard Drive

Photos and videos already on the hard drive connected to Monument can be imported into your Monument library. As the content already exists on the hard drive, it is not backed up to the Monument folder. To view the content on the hard drive in the Monument app, please follow the instructions below.

Part 1: Steps on computer

  1. Eject your Primary Drive from Monument
  2. Connect the drive to your computer
  3. Open the hard drive and create a new folder (example: "Import Folder")
  4. Move all photos and folders into your new folder

    Note: Do not move, rename, or delete the Monument folder.

  5. Eject the hard drive from your computer

Part 2: Steps in Monument mobile app

  1. Reconnect the primary drive to Monument
  2. Open the Monument app
  3. Go to Settings > Hard Drives > Select Primary Hard Drive

  4. Click "Import From Hard Drive"

  5. Select the new folder you just created

    Note: Only a single folder can be selected to import
    Warning: Do not move, rename, or delete the imported folder

  6. Monument will begin importing all photos and videos inside that folder

    Tip: The Monument app can be closed. Import and processing will run in background.

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