Update Firmware - SD Card

Manually Update Firmware

To manually update to the latest firmware version, you will need an SD card, computer, and access to internet. This step may need to be completed during setup if you do not have an HDMI cable or TV/Monitor to connect to.

⚠️ This method applies to Monument 1 devices only.

Steps on Computer

  1. Insert a blank SD card into your computer
  2. Download and install Etcher by clicking the link below
  3. Download the firmware to your computer by clicking the link below
    • Monument Firmware
    • Note: Do not open this file (it will not open)
      Note: ⚠️ This firmware is compatible for Monument 1 devices only

  4. Open Etcher and press Select Image
  5. Select the file you just downloaded
  6. Select your SD card drive
  7. Press Flash
    • You may be asked to enter your computer password

  8. Wait for the process to complete

Steps on Monument

  1. Unplug the power cable from Monument
  2. Unplug any connected hard drives
  3. Insert the SD card into the front of Monument
  4. Reconnect the power cable
  5. Monument will start to update (LED will color cycle)

  6. The update takes approximately 10 minutes
  7. The LED will remain solid green when complete
  8. Remove the SD card 
  9. If you have a monitor/TV connected, you can see the latest version in the lower left corner of the screen
  10. The LED will be flashing blue if setup still needs to be completed

  11. The LED will be white if setup was previously completed and you're just updating
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