Inactive Drive

Hard drives connected to Monument have two status options -  Active or Inactive. This status can be viewed by going to Settings > Hard Drives using the Monument apps.

If any of your drives is labeled as "Inactive", please eject the drive(s) connected to Monument by selecting the option under  Settings > Hard Drives and connect the drive(s) to a computer to perform a health check to fix certain disk problems such as file system errors and volume errors.

You can follow the steps on this guide: Hard Drive Health Check. Once completed, you can connect drive(s) back to Monument and check if the drive status is changed.

Note: If the drive is formatted HFS (Mac format), the health check needs to be completed on a Mac computer.

Another common reason for an Inactive drive is because there are two hard drives connected and the combination of them is pulling too much power from Monument.

Note: If the drive status is "Unknown Status", it means the Monument app can not connect to Monument to read the drive status. In this case, please make sure the connection status is "Connected" under "Settings" and restart the Monument app to refresh the drive status.

In order to verify this, please try plugging the drives again one at a time: 

  1. Go to Settings > Hard Drive > Eject Drives
  2. Reconnect the Primary Drive
  3. Confirm the status is Active
  4. Reconnect the Backup Drive
  5. Confirm the status is Active

  6. If either drive becomes Inactive, please use a Powered USB Hub

  7. Connect the USB Hub to Monument
  8. Connect one of the hard drives to the USB Hub
  9. Connect the second drive directly to Monument
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