Photos Not Uploading

If you're having trouble with auto-upload, please check the followings:

Common auto-upload problems on iOS devices

On iOS, please make sure app permissions are given to the Monument app. If access to Photos is restricted, the Monument app can not upload photos and videos. In order to turn this option off:

1. Please select Settings > Privacy > Photos on your iPhone or iPad

2. Choose Monument from the list and make sure it has access for "All photos"

3. Finally, keeping Bluetooth ON on your phone could improve the upload performance. When your Monument device is detected over Bluetooth, the Monument app is triggered to complete pending uploads over WiFi. 

Common auto-upload problems on Android 

On some Android models, "Battery Optimization" setting restricts background activity. This prevents the Monument app to complete pending upload tasks.  In order to fix this, please turn off "Battery optimization" and "Background restriction" options on your phone. 

Google Android devices: 

1. Open the Settings on your phone

2. Select Apps & notifications and find Monument app from the list 

3. Select Advanced and choose Battery>Battery optimization>Not optimized 

4. Also, make sure that Background restriction is disabled

Samsung S9 & S10:

1. Open device Settings> Device Care> Battery.

2.  Tap the three vertical dots at the top-right corner and disable "Put unused apps to sleep".

3. Disable "Auto-disable unused apps" and select "Sleeping Apps" to make sure Monument app is not listed. 

4. Disable background restrictions for Monument. 

Samsung Galaxy Android 6,7 and 8:

1. Open device Settings> Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage.

2.  Tap the more button from the top-right corner and select "Optimize Battery Usage".

3. Switch to "All Apps" from the drop down and turn off to exclude "Monument" from the battery restrictions. 

Huawei devices:

1. Open device Settings> Apps > Settings > Special Access > Ignore Optimizations.

2.  Find the "Monument" app and select "Allow".

Other problems

If your photos are not uploading or being displayed, please check the following issues:

If you have any questions, please send us a message to We're happy to help!

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