Connecting Hard Drives

Connect Multiple Hard Drives

Monument has 2 USB ports for external hard drives. The first hard drive connected becomes the  primary drive for uploading photos and videos and the second hard drive connected becomes the backup drive, which is an exact copy of the primary drive. Creating multiple backups is a great idea in case a single hard drive fails in the future.

Note: If the backup drive is smaller than the primary drive, not all content will be backed up.

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Primary Drive

  1. Connect the first hard drive to any USB slot

    Note: It may take a minute for the hard drive to initialize

  2. Select Use As Storage

  3. This drive will become your Primary Drive

Backup Drive

  1. Connect the second hard drive to the other USB slot

    Note: If the backup drive size is smaller than the primary drive, then not all content will fully back up.

  2. Select Use As Backup

  3. This drive will become your Backup Drive

  4. The Backup Drive will start to automatically back up the Primary Drive

    Note: If the primary drive is still uploading or analyzing photos (blinking white LED), then the Backup Drive will allow that to finish first.

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