Restoring A Previous Backup

Importing previously backed up content

If a Factory Reset was completed or if the Primary Drive was accidentally Forgotten in the app, then all in-app data such as albums, people, tags, etc. will be lost and Monument will need to import and analyze the content again.

  1. Any currently saved hard drives must first be forgotten in the app
  2. Go to Settings > Hard Drives > Click on Primary Drive > Click the Settings icon > Click Forget > Proceed through the warning messages
  3. This will also remove your backup drive if one is connected
  4. Unplug all hard drives from Monument
  5. Connect the primary driveto a computer and open it
  6. Create a new folder on the drive(Name can be anything, but do not use "Monument")
  7. Open theMonument folder in a new window
  8. Open your User folder
  9. Drag all camera folders to thenew folder

  10. Reveal hidden folders on the drive

  11. Open the ".incoming" folder and transfer any content inside to the new folder. Do not transfer the folder itself.
  12. If there is an import folder then transfer that to the new folder as well

  13. Wait for the transfer to complete
  14. Copy the other user's folders to your desktop
  15. Delete the Monument folder
  16. Safely eject the primary drive from your computer
  17. Connect the primary drive backto Monument
  18. Open the app and there will be an in-app message asking what you'd like to do with the hard drive
  19. Select Use as storage
  20. Go to Settings > Hard Drives > Click on Primary Drive > Click Import From Hard Drive
  21. Select the new folder
  22. Monument will begin to import and organize everything that you had previously backed up
  23. The other users will need to use the desktop app to upload their user folders containing their content
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